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Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 29 - Troll King's revenge.


This takes place after Shadow's death, and the Knuckles and Vector scene. Also after the Sinu scene.

Page 1

Panel 1

It shows Troll King sitting in his lair in the dark

Panel 2

"I am very pissed right now. I feel like if I don't get any good news I will kill the first person I see." Troll King says

Panel 3

It shows Pori come in the room

"Sir..." Pori says

Panel 4

It shows Troll King looking over with anger.

Panel 5

"Oooh, you better be careful." Troll king says

"I'm about to lose it." Troll King says

Panel 6

"Uhhh..." Pori says as he scratches his head

Panel 7

"Come on! Out with it! Don't be a retard." Troll King says

Panel 8 and 9

It shows Pori clearing his throat.

"Well sir.. I wanted to give you an update on the status of my mission...." Pori says

Panel 10

"Hurry the fuck up!!"Troll king says

Panel 11

"Well sir, I failed and Silver's group got away. "Pori says

"Oh, and all the trolls that came with me are dead. "Pori says

Panel 12 and 13

It shows Troll King grabbing Pori's face.

Panel 14, 15 and 16

"AAHHHH!!! DIE!! " Troll King says as he quickly smashes Pori's skull killing him, it shows his head explode with blood and brains everywhere.

Panel 17

It shows Troll King with his teeth showing looking extremely pissed

"Them trolls really was annoying." Troll King says with blood on his hand.

End of Page 1

Page 2

Panel 1 and 2

It shows Leon appearing in front of Troll King.

Panel 3

"I know where Silver's group is hiding sir." Leon says

"I have a clone watching them now, they're broken and still recovering. It'll be easy prey."

Panel 4

"Oh really?" Troll king says looking surprised.

Panel 5

"Yes sir, they didn't go far. Their spirits are broken and one of them is in a coma and missing a hand. It's only 3 of them, staying at an old abandoned cathedral just right outside our territory." Leon says

Panel 6 and 7

It shows Troll King getting a big smile.

"This is going to be a good day." Troll king says

Panel 8

It shows Troll King point at Leon.

"You!!" Troll King says

Panel 9

it shows Leon looking startled.

Panel 10

"You are better than Pori was!! You are promoted! Welcome Leon, my new number 1." Troll King says

Panel 11

"Fucking awesome." Leon says with a huge smile.

Panel 12

"Now come on. Let's go kill them." Troll King says

End of Page 2

Page 3

Panel 1 and 2

It shows Rob and Blaze sitting while Silver is unconscious on a worn out bed mattress.

Panel 3

"Blaze.. I don't think Coyote survived.. I haven't felt his strings since everything happened. He would've communicated with us by now if he was.. " Rob says looking broken.

Panel 4

It shows Blaze looking at Rob

"I don't think Silver is gonna wake up either.."Blaze says

Panel 5

"You mean he's stuck in a coma forever?.." Rob says

Panel 6

"Yeah..." Blaze says

Panel 7

"Damn it... damn it... DAMN IT!!! " Rob screams as he punches the ground and it creates a small crater.

Panel 8

It shows Blaze looking sad.

Panel 9 and 10

Blaze and Rob are now standing looking down at Silver.

It shows Blaze shedding a tear.

Panel 11

"We simply don't have the resources to keep you alive in this state.. We've been barely surviving ourselves.. " Blaze says

"It's impossible.. we will all die if we keep this up.." Blaze says

Panel 12

It shows Rob crying

Panel 13 and 14

It shows Blaze kissing Silver on the head

Panel 15

"I'm sorry Silver.. we must do this.. " Blaze says

Panel 16 and 17

It shows Blaze giving a pillow to Rob

"Okay, go ahead and do it Rob." Blaze says

Panel 18

"WHAT??" Rob says

Panel 19

"I'm not fucking doing it. Fuck that!" Rob says

Panel 20

It shows Blaze sighing.

"Okay.. I guess I'll do it.." Blaze says looking broken.

Panel 21

"I do agree that it's the right thing to do.." Rob says looking down.

Panel 22, 23 and 24

It shows Blaze crying her eyes out as she suffocates Silver with a pillow until he dies.

End of Page 3

Page 4

Panel 1 and 2

It shows Blaze and Rob exiting the building

Panel 3

"We'll get somewhere safe, far away from this land. And one day.. We'll make things right." Rob says.

"No.. I'm done.. I don't want any more of this.."Blaze says

Panel 4

Suddenly Troll king and his army coming out and surrounding Blaze and Rob

It shows Blaze and Rob looking scared as they get in defensive poses

Panel 5 and 6

It shows Leon reconnecting with his clone as he stands by Troll King.

Leon should now be wearing a crown and have bling bling.

"I'm Troll King's number 1 bitches." Leon says

Panel 7

"Ain't no one got nothin on me. I just fucking screwed you guys over! You're dead. No escaping this bitch." Leon says

Panel 8

"He is right. You both are really fucked." Troll King says

Panel 9, 10, 11 and 12

It shows Troll King launching himself off the ground as he hurls down at Blaze and crushes her entire body killing her instantly, creating a massive crater on the ground knocking Rob away

Panel 13

"BLAZE!!!!!!" Rob says shocked

Panel 14

"Hahahahaha, that was so easy." Troll King says

"She died faster than that blue hedgehog." Troll king says

Panel 15 and 16

"FUCK YOU!!!" Rob screams as he charges at Troll king.

Panel 17 and 18

It shows Rob hitting at Troll king but he blocks the attack.

Panel 19, 20 and 21

Troll king punches Rob in the face as Rob gets knocked back.

Troll king rushes back at Rob and starts doing a combo on him, Rob attempting to block

Panel 22

"Damn it.. I'm still recovering from my last battle." Rob thinks.

Panel 23 and 24

Suddenly Troll King punches Rob's head off, his body hitting the ground. Showing blood everywhere.

End of Page 4

Page 5

Panel 1 and 2

It shows Troll King standing over Rob's dead body.

"Why did it take so long to do this? They all must've been really weak, because these two were pathetic." Troll King says

"I always have to do everything myself." Troll King says

Panel 3

It shows Leon coming outside from the building.

"Sir, the other one was already dead." Leon says

Panel 4

"Good, now let's go home. I must celebrate." Troll king says

Panel 5 and 6

"Later that day" New Narrator says

The second panel should just be the new Narrator posing like a supermodel.

Panel 7

It shows Troll King in his lair, with Leon chilling next to him. They should have a bunch of balloons in the room and a cake. Trolls everywhere celebrating.

"I feel like a weight has fallen off my back. Thank you Leon. I would suck your dick if I was gay." Troll King says

Panel 8

"Thank you sir." Leon says

Panel 9 and 10

It shows Mauller entering the room holding a briefcase.

"Troll King, I need a moment of your time." Mauller says

Panel 11

"Alright, everyone leave the fucking room. Except you Leon, you stay. " Troll King says

Panel 12

"Yes!.." Leon says happy

Panel 13 and 14

It shows everyone leaving the room as Mauller puts the case on a table.

Panel 15

"Be weary, what I hold in this case could literally change the world. It's epic shit man. "Mauller says

Panel 16

"Oh? What is it?" Troll king says

Panel 17

"I've discovered something very rare and dangerous. It was not easy to get my hands on this." Mauller says

Panel 18

"Mmmmm." Troll King says

Panel 19

"This thing.. is so powerful that even the gods are weary of it. Its very essence could break the balance of the whole world. It's serious stuff man." Mauller says.

Panel 20

"Okay man, just get on with it." Troll King says

Panel 21 and 22

It shows Mauller taking a deep breath.

Panel 23 and 24

It shows Mauller unlocking the case.

Panel 25

"What lies inside this case is something extraordinary, Troll King." Mauller says

Panel 26

It shows Troll King face palming

"Just open the fucking case." Troll King says

Panel 27 and 28

"Okay..." Mauller says

It shows Mauller opening the case to reveal the Death note book from the show.

End of Page 5

Page 6

Panel 1

"Holy shit! How the fuck did you find this? "Troll King says

Panel 2

"Mauller you are now my number 1. Leon give him the crown and the bling bling. "Troll King says

Panel 3

"Damn it. "Leon says

Panel 4 and 5

Leon gives Mauller the crown and bling bling

Panel 6

It shows Mauller with a smile as he wears the crown and bling bling.

"Hey man, thank you. This is all I ever wanted in life." Mauller says as a tear falls from his eye.

Panel 7 and 8

Troll King grabs the death note and suddenly Ryuk appears in front of Troll King.

Panel 9

"Ahhh, my name is Ryuk, I am a Shinigami. How very interesting that someone like you ended up with the Death note." Ryuk says

Panel 10

"The rules are simple, they're written on the first page but I will go ahead and explain it to you." Ryuk says

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die. This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected. If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen. If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack. After writing the cause of death, details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds."Ryuk says

Panel 11

"There it is, word for word. How interesting yes?" Ryuk says

Panel 12

"I know what the death note does, I've seen the show. "Troll King says

Panel 13

"I'm going to kill so many people. "Troll King says

Panel 14 and 15

Troll king quickly opens up the death note and start writing down names, starting with Shadow but nothing happens.

"Hm, is this book working?" Troll King says

Panel 16

"Yes its working but this Shadow is already dead. "Ryuk says

"Serves him right. He was an asshole. "Troll King says

Panel 17 and 18

Troll king writes Coyote's and Demaro's names

Panel 19 and 20

Coyote is meditating and Suddenly he has a heart attack and dies.

Panel 21

Demaro freezes in shock

"What the fuck? "Demaro says in anger

Panel 22, 23 and 24

Demaro is struck by lightning and dies from it.

Panel 25 and 26

Troll king stops writing in deep thought

"Fuck! What was that Cheeto guy's name again? Hmm... "Troll King says in deep thought

"I can't remember. Guess he'll die a different day.. "Troll King says

Panel 27 and 28

Troll King writes down Mario's name and Lord Nem's name.

Panel 29 and 30

It shows Mario dying suddenly and then it shows Nem drop dead.

Panel 31, 32 and 33

"Muahahahaha!!!" Troll king says with an evil smile

Troll king then writes down Kirby, Donkey Kong and Micah Rat's name.

"Die!!! Die!! " Troll King says as he writes

Panel 34 and 35

It shows Kirby die by choking on a cake he was eating

Panel 36 and 37

Donkey Kong is taking a dump and Suddenly a coconut falls out a tree and hits Donkey Kong on the head busting it open, killing him.

Panel 38 and 39

Micah rat dies of a heart attack

"Eat Cheese!! "Micah says holding his chest in pain about to die.

Panel 40

Micah rat falls to the ground dead

Panel 41

It shows Troll King with a wicked grin

Panel 42 and 43

It shows Troll King putting the pencil down.

"Finally, I've been waiting to do that for such a long time.. "Troll king says satisfied

Panel 44 and 45

Troll King walks over to Troll Face

"Son, I have decided to make you the new Troll King and I will become ruler of the world. "Troll King says

Panel 46

"Thanks daddy, I've always wanted to be Troll king. I'll be a better Troll king than you ever were. "Troll Face says

Panel 47

"Keep talking like that and I give the job to someone else and make you clean all the toilets in Troll city. "Troll king says

"You better behave son, or I'll write your name next." Troll King says.

Panel 48

"..." Troll face says looking scared.

Panel 49

"Come Mauller, Leon and Ryuk, let us go rule the world together." Troll King says.

End of Page 6

Also end of scene.

Thanks for reading!!

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