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Tails Gets Trolled Chapter 28 - Knuckles wakes up and gets high.

Page 1

Panel 1 and 2

It shows in the middle of Cocoa jungle, a well-known jungle. And it shows Knuckles unconscious underneath a tree. Vector sitting on a log near him.

The first panel is zoomed out and the second one is closer.

Panel 3

Knuckles wakes up and notices Vector.

"Oh.. I'm not dead." Knuckles says

Panel 4

"I was surprised you didn't wake up earlier, I was pretty loud when I was jacking off." Vector says

Panel 5

"What the fuck? That wasn't what I was expecting to hear." Knuckles says confused

Panel 6

"Almost as unexpected as what I did to your foot earlier while you were still asleep." Vector says

Panel 7

"What the fuck did you do to my foot?" Knuckles says worried

Panel 8

it shows Vector with an evil smile.

End of Page 1

Page 2

Panel 1

Knuckles looks at Vector

"What the fuck happened to Shadow? Why didn't he kill me?" Knuckles says

"I don't know. I would've done it." Vector says

Panel 2

"Not cool man." Knuckles says

Panel 3

" I don't remember ever being a dick to you. We were supposed to be friends. " Knuckles says

Panel 4

"Good point. I'll go ahead and start now. Then we can be just like how we are in the games." Vector says

Panel 5

"I don't know if that'll be an improvement. You're barely shown. I don't think you've ever gotten your own game." Knuckles says

Panel 6

It shows Vector looking all serious

Panel 7

"It's because the world wouldn't be able to handle it motha fucka." Vector says in a gangster pose.

Panel 8

"What the fuck happened to Shadow?" Knuckles says

Panel 9

" Oh, he went after that Cheeto Man guy and got killed. Shadow is dead Knuckles." Vector says

Panel 10

It shows Knuckles looking shocked.

End of Page 2

Page 3

Panel 1

"Damnt, I told him not to fucking do that." Knuckles says

Panel 2

"This is bullshit, this is all bullshit." Knuckles says

Panel 3

It shows Vector looking sad

Panel 4

"This isn't happening!!!" Knuckles says

"Hold on, I need to smoke my denial weed." Knuckles says

Panel 5, 6 and 7

Knuckles pulls out a massive bong from behind a rock.

Panel 8

Knuckles smiles.

"So that's where I got the bong before. Who knew you'd find that in a place like this. No wonder Cocoa jungle is a well known jungle. You can find bongs randomly out here in the cocoa jungle, which is a well-known jungle." Knuckles says.

Panel 9, 10, 11 and 12

It shows Knuckles smoking weed out the bong in slow motion. There should be rap music playing in the background.

The panels should look unnecessarily detailed.

Panel 13 and 14

Knuckles passes the bong to Vector

Vector with a smile

Panel 14, 15 and 16

Vector takes a big hit from the bong, blowing smoke everywhere.

Panel 15 and 16

Vector passes the bong back to Knuckles.

(Vector doesn't pass the lighter)

Panel 17, 18 and 19

Knuckles pulls out his second lighter

"You didn't pass me the lighter but I got another one. So it's chill." Knuckles says

Panel 20

"What lighter?" Vector says as he sneaks the lighter into his back pocket

Panel 21 and 22

It shows Knuckles taming a hit from the bong and its cashed

Panel 23

"I better fill it back up." Knuckles says

Panel 24, 25, 26 and 27

It shows Knuckles pulling put a bag of weed. (On the bag it says "My Laughter Weed")

Knuckles proceeds to put the weed in the bowl for the bong.

He takes out the piece and gentle and slowly puts the weed in the bong. ( He is very delicate with his weed, he makes sure it's well packed and full)

Knuckles puts the piece back into the bong.

Panel 28 and 29

Knuckles tries to take a hit but there's no suction.

"I think I packed it too much, there's no suction." Knuckles says

Panel 30, 31 and 32

Knuckles pulls out a toothpick and starts poking at the bowl, trying to move it around so they could have more suction.

Panel 33

"I think that'll do. " Knuckles says

Panel 34, 35 and 36

Knuckles lights the bong and it works, he's able to light the weed and fill the bong up with smoke.

Knuckles then inhales the smoke and shoots it out, watching it flow it the air and disappear.

Panel 36

"So Shadow is fucking dead?" Knuckles says

Panel 37

"Yeah." Vector says

Panel 38

"Oh by the way, I was gonna ask if you wanted to be the new leader of the Troll slayers?" Vector says

Panel 39

"HAH is that a joke? I would do terrible!! " Knuckles says

Panel 40

"That's what I was thinking!!! Haha Ahahahahaha. " Vector says as he starts to laugh uncontrollably

Panel 41

"HAHAHAHA HAHAHA" Knuckles says

Panel 42


Panel 43


Panel 44

"HAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing HHAHAHAHA hahahaha!!! " Knuckles says

Panel 45

"Me neither!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Vector says

Panel 46

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Knuckles and Vector says

Panel 47

"I can't breathe!! " Knuckles says as his face gets purple

Panel 48, 49 and 50

Knuckles and Vector both suddenly drop dead, the bong hitting the ground and breaking. Glass covering the floor.

Panel 51

It shows Knuckles and Vector dead on the ground.

End of Page 3

End of scene.

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