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Tails Gets Trolled - Chapter 28 - Sinu's sneak attack.

Information -

This is the end half of this chapter after Shadow dies from Cheeto Man and Knuckles and Vector die after smoking weed. The Troll slayers all go separate ways but we didn't get around to writing that. (Just like the Shadow scene.)

Page 1 (of this scene)

Panel 1 and 2

It shows the night sky above Cocoa jungle, a well-known jungle.

It zooms in on a camp, showing tents and the church survivors surrounding a campfire getting warm.

(The characters are Mike Power, Alice, Boah, Chad, Gene, Skinny and Kit)

Panel 3 and 4

Alice looks sad as she stares at the fire.

Panel 5

"What's going on Alice?" Boah says with concern

Panel 6

"I'm still just feeling depressed over what happened at the church camp..." Alice says

"Oh..." Boah says

Panel 7

"I just can't believe everyone there died..." Alice says.

Panel 8

"It's hard to believe... I'm sorry Alice, Adna was a good girl." Boah says

Panel 9

"It's okay. I'm more sad about my parents to be honest." Alice says

"Oh me too. But it was still really traumatic." Boah says

"Yeah, just more trauma to add to my collection. That's all." Alice says with a smile.

Panel 10

It shows Chad looking impatient.

"Where's the fucking food? I'm hungry, you're wasting my time. I want a hot pocket." Chad says

Panel 11

It shows Kit looking frustrated as he and Mike Power are preparing food for everyone.

"Ugh, if he survives long enough, I will probably end up being the one to kill him." Kit says

Panel 12

"no, será otra persona. No puedo decir quién." Mike Power says

Panel 13

"Yeah. What he said. Whatever it was." Kit says in agreement.

Panel 14

It shows Gene looking around

Panel 15

"Something the matter, Gene?" Alice says

"No.. I just thought I heard something.." Gene says

Panel 16 and 17

Suddenly an arrow gets shot from a crossbow from behind a bush and it goes into Gene's head killing him.

End of Page 1

Page 2

Panel 1 and 2

It shows everyone looking freaked out.

"Holy fucking shit balls" Alice says

Panel 3

"WE'RE UNDER ATTACK!!!" Kit says freaking out.

Panel 4, 5 and 6

It shows Minions armored corpses coming out from the vegetation and surrounding the camp.

Everyone in defensive poses.

Panel 7

It shows Mike Power looking around with sweat dripping from his head.

Panel 8 and 9

It shows Sinu and Minion coming out with an amused smile.

Panel 10

"I told you I could find them Sinu." Minion says

"You did good." Sinu says with an evil smile.

Panel 11

"What do you want with us??.." Boah says scared.

Panel 12

It shows a dramatic panel of Sinu

Panel 13

"I want... you all dead." Sinu says

End of Page 2

Page 3

Panel 1, 2 and 3

It shows the armored corpses attacking the group of survivors, everyone fighting back.

Panel 4

It shows Alice getting an arrow shot through her chest and then set on fire and decapitated by Sinu.

Panel 5

It shows Boah looking shocked as he sees Alice dead near his feet.

"No... Alice..." Boah says

Panel 5

"YOU BASTARDS!!!" Boah says as he charges at Sinu.

Panel 6 and 7

It shows Sinu grinning as he lifts his arm up and shoots strings out and it kills Boah.

Panel 8

Boah hits the ground dead.

Panel 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14

Suddenly, Sinu begins teabagging Boah's dead body.

"Take my Satanic nuts you damn side character. "Sinu says.

Panel 10

Minion creates a giant sword and cuts Chad in half. His blood and guts flying everywhere.

Panel 11

It shows Kit, Mike Power and Skinny fighting for their lives.

"I don't know If we can do this. Even with one of the legendary warriors on our side!" Kit says

Panel 12

"Sí, vamos a morir" Mike Power says

Panel 13 and 14

It shows Skinny pulling out his gun and start shooting at the armored corpses.

"Die niggas!! " Skinny says

Panel 15 and 16

It shows Sinu grabbing the bullets with his strings and slinging it back at Skinny, the bullets hit Skinny and his head explodes.

Panel 17

"NOOOOO!!! " Kit says

Panel 18

"I think it's time we finish this." Sinu says with a smug smile

Panel 19 and 20

Sinu lifts his hand slowly and closes it, and it shows Kit and Mike Power being lifted up off the ground.

Panel 21

"You were no match for me. Just like the rest of your Christians." Sinu says

Panel 22

It shows a close up on Sinu's mouth.

"Now you will die." Sinu says

Panel 23, 24 and 25

Sinu closes his hand and it shows Mike Power and Kit both dying from the inside, blood pouring out as their spirits leave their bodies.

Panel 26 and 27

It shows their lifeless bodies hit the ground as Sinu laughs.

Panel 28

"I did it.. I defeated the legendary Mike Power!! Lord Nem you hear me?? I fucking did it. HAHAHAHA!!! " Sinu says

End of scene.

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