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When a fox named Tails is suddenly trolled by two individuals from a nation of real-life Internet trolls, it initiates a chain of events leading to an all-out war between several opposing factions, influencing the lives of hundreds of characters. The Tails Gets Trolled saga chronicles the profound human drama resulting from these events, while at the same time providing an in-depth examination of the themes contained therein, including morality, vengeance, camaraderie, betrayal, romance, dark magic, drug use, and more...


Tails Gets Trolled is a webcomic series that was originally posted on the site DeviantArt beginning on October 10, 2011, with new pages being posted on Tailsgetstrolled.org since November 2019. It features alternate versions of characters from several different media properties, alongside original characters, in an absurdist story featuring multiple intricate plotlines going on at once. The comic did not pick up much interest until the website Something Awful discovered and began posting about the series in 2012, which put it into the Internet’s spotlight. Heaps of fan content was made about the work, and a community was eventually formed with many curious eyes watching the comic’s story unfold over the years.

It is also known for its distinctive art style and humor, which lead to many scenes from the comic becoming Internet memes. Here are some you may have seen before:

Being such a unique piece of art, Tails Gets Trolled has garnered a wide variety of reactions from the public at large, a few of which have been compiled here:

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While these quotes do not represent what the Internet as a whole thinks of the comic, it is clear that Tails Gets Trolled has left vastly different impressions on people as they read it, both good and bad. How you interpret the comic and what you view it as is entirely up to you in the end.


It is important to note that Tails Gets Trolled may not be appropriate for all audiences, and those who are easily disturbed should probably not read it. It contains subject matter which could be potentially traumatizing, including but not limited to bullying, offensive language (profanity/slurs), graphic violence (blood/gore), sexual content, substance abuse, religion, suicide, and sexual assault.


Q: Wasn't Tails Gets Trolled some old DeviantArt comic that was cancelled years ago/a one page comic/one reaction image/a Friday Night Funkin' mod?
A: If you've read this far, you've probably figured out that the answer to these is no. As stated previously, Tails Gets Trolled is a webcomic series that has been in production off-and-on since 2011, with new pages still being released. It has been widely believed that the series was cancelled, but this is not the case.

Q: Who wrote Tails Gets Trolled?
A: Lazerbot was the primary writer for the first 5-6 chapters, while taking occasional suggestions from his brother, Embergram, who ended up landing a more prominent role in the comic's development afterwards, becoming its official co-writer. At some point during the comic's run, they drafted a general outline of the entire plot. The artists who joined the project later in the comic's run have no influence over the direction of the story.

In April 2021, Lazerbot announced that he would no longer be working on Tails Gets Trolled, with Embergram taking over in his absence. He eventually returned later that year, but then in 2022, Embergram departed from the project instead. Since then, it has been written by Lazerbot and his other brother Shimshomo, though the known ideas that Embergram came up with for the overall plot are still being used.

Q: Who drew Tails Gets Trolled?
A: Lazerbot drew 99% of the comic up to Chapter 22 (2017), after which it went on an extended hiatus. The hiatus ended when in 2019, fans of the series got in contact with Lazerbot and Embergram to help them bring the series back as a collaborative project. This resulted in the brothers writing new scripts for the artists to draw out, with Lazerbot drawing his own pages as well.

Q: How long will Tails Gets Trolled be?
A: Even though there is a general plot outline, there is currently no estimate for how many chapters the series will be. Anything regarding this that was previously stated by the authors is extremely old info and no longer applies.

Q: Who drew X page?
A: The credits for every page since 2019 are listed at the bottom of each page.

Q: Who created the Tails Gets Trolled website/Twitter/Discord?
A: The Tails Gets Trolled website was made by a fan of Tails Gets Trolled named "CC". At the time the site was created in 2018, Tails Gets Trolled was somewhat popular, but it was notriously difficult to read, due to the pages being spread out between multiple DeviantArt accounts, as well as DeviantArt not being a convenient format for reading webcomic series in general. There were temporary solutions to this, such as an Imgur album and another fanmade site at Tailsgetstrolled.com, but these stopped being up-to-date with new pages and were eventually deleted.

Since nobody else was stepping up to preserve this magnum opus for future generations, CC took it upon themselves to compile the entire saga on one easily-accessible website. Around the same time, they also created a Twitter account to promote the website and Tails Gets Trolled as a whole, as well as a Discord server for fans to discuss the comic. These eventually became official and approved by Lazerbot and his brother, and also led to the un-cancellation of Tails Gets Trolled in 2019.

Q: Who currently runs Tails Gets Trolled website/Twitter/Discord?
A: The site is mainly run by Commodorian and Soggy, and the Twitter is run by Soggy. The Discord is run by several volunteers.

Q: Can I translate Tails Gets Trolled into my own language?
A: Yes. As many people as possible deserve to experience this masterpiece. Keep in mind, even the translations hosted on this site are fan translations and not official. If there's already a translation into a language that you think you can do a better job at, Commodorian will still upload it if you send it to them. Additionally, they can link to a translation if you host it on your own site, as is the case with the Korean translation, for example.

Q: Am I allowed to make Tails Gets Trolled fan projects or original projects inspired by Tails Gets Trolled?
A: Yes. The authors love and appreciate all fan works. The only thing they ask is to "link our comic once posted as a source of inspiration and link us their project so we can share some exposure."

Q: Are any of the characters stand-ins for the authors or their beliefs? Are they actually bigots and/or approve of murder?
A: No. Even the most "moral" characters in the story are flawed at best, and many are portrayed as reprehensible, including some of the protagonists. None of the actions taken by the characters in the story are condoned by the authors.

A quote from Lazerbot himself on this topic: "Truth is there's a lot portrayals of toxic and disfunctional behaviors in TGT. One of the main aspects of TGT is showing how those ways of life are destructive to others and the people living that way. Usually there are negative consequences for their self destructive nature."

Q: Was Tails Gets Trolled always meant to be what it is today? Was it an outlet for the author's anger at being bullied?
A: Lazerbot himself was not aware of what trolling was until and his friend got trolled on DeviantArt, which inspired the creation of Tails Gets Trolled. The series was initially intended to just be some quick doodles about how different people would react to being trolled depending on their personality, with Tails feeling sadness, Sonic feeling sympathy, and Shadow feeling contempt. It was not until a DeviantArt commenter suggested that Dark Sonic should kill the trolls in retaliation that Lazerbot decided to make it an ongoing story.

Q: What is the reason for the non-standard spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar? Is it because he was a kid or from a non-English speaking country?
A: Lazerbot was homeschooled in his upbringing, which he says has played a role in his difficulty with grammar, and is shown in the early chapters of Tails Gets Trolled especially. He was 19 years old when the series began in 2011 and is from the United States.

Q: Is Lazerbot mentally ill, autistic, a "lolcow", etc.?
A: No.

Q: Is the TIME PRISON comic from Tails Gets Trolled?
A: The artwork is from Tails Gets Trolled, but the dialogue was written by a Twitter user. For more info, see this article on the TGT Wiki.

Q: Is Tails Gets Trolled Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction?
A: No, it defies the label "fan fiction". Not only is it a crossover featuring characters from a multitude of media franchises, not just Sonic, it's not really specifically based on any single one of them. It would be more accurate to say it's an original work that simply uses already existing characters, often times with wildly different personalities than their original incarnations, as a template to form a new story.

Q: Is Tails Gets Trolled supposed to be another Sonichu-like work? Is it a parody of or based on Sonichu?
A: The only similarities between Tails Gets Trolled and Sonichu are that they both feature Sonic characters and "crappy" art. Even then, their art styles look nothing alike. For one thing, TGT is drawn digitally while Sonichu consists of scanned physical drawings, and that's just the tip of the iceberg concering their differences.

More importantly, Tails Gets Trolled is a standalone story independent of its creator, while Sonichu requires some knowledge of Chris’ actual life to understand how the comic came to be, or the purpose of some characters. You do not need to know a thing of Lazerbot to understand or enjoy Tails Gets Trolled, barring the occasional joke. Additionally, Lazerbot did not know about Chris Chan or Sonichu until people started comparing them to TGT.


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Tails as depicted within the first page of the comic.