Tails Gets Trolled Polished, Pages 33-40
November 23, 2017

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Page 33

Knuckles: ...Oh, shit!.. Vector, how's it going man!?

Vector: ...What the hell are you guys doing!? I smell blood every fucking where...

Knuckles: ...You can smell blood? Oh yeah, i forgot about that... Hahaha..

Vector: ...Who are those people over there!? Why are you burring them!?..

Knuckles: ...Woah man, calm down! They're just trolls..

Vector: ...Why are they dead!? What happened here!?...

Knuckles: ....Shadow killed them....

Vector: ...What!? And what the fuck is Tails doing here!?... Have you guys lost your fucking minds!?...

Knuckles: ....

Ant Lion: ...Fuck yeah we lost our fucking minds nigga!!

Vector: ...Is that a fucking ant!?... You guys better start explaining, NOW!! Once Sonic finds out that you brought Tails to go and kill a couple of stupid fucking harmless kids, he's going to have a shit storm!..
...Seriously, what the fuck were you thinking!?

Knuckles: ...They were giving Tails some trouble, so we took care of it! It's all good man...

Ant Lion: ..We took care of those mother fuckers good too, you should have seen it... It was so sick! FUCK YEAH!! YEAAAAHH!!!

Vector: ...NO!! Haven't you been on the fucking internet!? You're suppose to ignore them!
..We're not suppose to draw attention to us, and you thought it would be a good idea to kill two people!?... Wow... Just, wow...
...Tails, are you ok? You shouldn't have to see this.. Sonic didn't want you to get blood on your hands man..

Tails: ....

Knuckles: ...Oh, Tails didn't do any of the killing, it was all Shadow! Don't worry..

Ant Lion: ...Yeah, calm your vag dude..

Vector: ...He still shouldn't have fucking seen it, Knuckles!!.. What the fuck is wrong with you?..
...I don't know how I'm suppose to react to this.. They weren't our enemies, Eggman is the only one we need to worry about... This, is not acceptable!...
...Bug net my ass, i can't believe i fell for that stupid shit...

Knuckles: ...I thought it was pretty clever, hahaha...

Ant Lion: ..Hahahaha... Stupid mother fucker!

Vector: ...And where is Shadow!? I need to talk to him, right now!..

(Shadow reveals himself from the shadows.)

Shadow: ...God damn it...

Page 34

Vector: ...What the Fuck Shadow!? You brought Tails!? Really!?... What was going through your head!?...

Shadow: ..Come on! You're not Sonic, don't act like you are.. I mean, shit! Is everyone too blind to see that Sonic's approach hasn't worked!? Eggman is still alive..

Vector: ...We don't need anymore trouble! We already have Eggman to worry about, and you want to start a fight with some trolls!?..
..We don't know anything about them!.. What if this starts another war!?..

Shadow: Wrong! ...You are the one who doesn't know shit about them.. I am fully aware of what they're capable of, and it's not a problem..
..For one, no one is going to find their bodies... They can't smell blood like you can.. And even if they do happen to discover our location, I'll take care of it..
..And for Eggman, I've reached my limit of being a fucking coward! If Sonic doesn't want to take Eggman out, then i will.. You want to be rid of a problem? You have to take care of it yourself, Vector..
...Hiding and pretending to live a peaceful life is nothing but bullshit! It's a lie! We keep acting like that we aren't being forced to live this way.. I'm not submitting myself to this any longer..

Vector: ....

Shadow: ...What happens when Eggman finally finds us!? ...And you know that he will.. What will we do? Run again!? No! Fuck that... I'm done playing around with this shit... ..I fully intend to kill that fat piece of shit myself..

Vector: ...I understand what you're saying, i want us all to have a normal life one day... And the only way to do this is to take care of Eggman... But It's not worth it if our loved ones get hurt in the process, is it? You may not care much, but everyone else does..

Shadow: ...You're getting it all wrong... I'm doing this because i care... I'm taking it upon myself to rid our enemies, so the rest of you can live your peaceful life...

Vector: ...But you brought Tails.. If you're taking it upon yourself, then why did you make him watch!?..

Shadow: ...Tails has been pampered and sheltered... Do you think it will be like this forever? He needs to be prepared ahead of time.. Currently, Eggman would use Tails to get to us.. He's weak! And he needs to grow up and start taking all of this seriously.. He needs to know how to take care of himself..

Vector: ....I still think we should try and convince Sonic.. Going behind his back isn't right... Also, i don't think you're taking into consideration of how much Sonic did for us... We can't just betray him like this...

Shadow: Hm.. Vector... If Sonic weren't in such denial, then he would be willing to get shit done... But he won't listen to a thing i have to say!..
...He would rather wait until it's too late.. Think about it, what if our guards were down? You're afraid to lose the people you care about right? If you follow Sonic, you'll lose everyone...

Shadow: ..Once Eggman finds us, and it is only a matter of time... He will make sure not to fuck up! He'll Probably ambush us or attack when we're all sleeping... That's what i would do if i were him.. I don't know about you, but i don't want to be back in his fucking lab!..
...Picture Cream and Tails, being experimented on again... Picture Amy there...

Vector: ....

Shadow: ...If you truly want to protect them, then shouldn't you be willing to fight or die for them!?.. It's time for you to make that decision for yourself, Vector...
...Sonic want's Eggman dead more then any of us, but he just can't do it! ...But we can... We don't have to tell him about what we're doing here...
...I need your help, please join us so we can finished this.. So we can all finally live in peace!

Vector: ....Shadow, can i talk to you alone? There's something i need to ask you...


Amy: ....What do you want? I told you to leave me alone...

Sonic: ...There's something i have to tell you...

Amy: ..What?

Sonic (with a depressed and worried facial expression): ...I can't find Tails and Shadow...

Page 35

Amy (angrily): ....What!? You can't find Tails!?..

Sonic: ...

Amy: ...You better go find him, NOW!! And if Shadow laid a finger on him, i will kill him...

Sonic: ...Shadow wouldn't do that to Tails...

Amy: ...Listen to yourself Sonic... You're talking about Shadow... He has wanted nothing but destruction since we met him! Stop acting so ignorant to him...

Sonic: ...I'll find Tails, he might be in Grave Town...

Amy: ...I don't care, just go find him!!


Shadow: ...So what did you want to ask me?..

Vector: ...Uhh, is Knuckles and Amy...

Shadow: ...Are they what?..

Vector: ...Are they fucking?..

Shadow: ....Really?.. Yes, they are...

Vector: ...Oh...
....I'm leaving...

Shadow: ....Are you fucking joking!? ...You say you don't want to betray Sonic, yet you want to fuck his Girlfriend?..
...And to top it off, you're acting like Knuckles just stole away your chances to be with her.. Yet, you're perfectly fine with trying to steal her from Sonic..
...And you're asking what is wrong with me!?... That's pretty twisted, Vector..

Vector: ...

Shadow: ...Do you want to know the reason why she's cheating on Sonic? And i guess, why she's cheating on you...

(Vector stops.)

Vector: ....Why?..

Shadow: ..Are you sure you want me to tell you?

Vector: ...Yes..

Shadow: ..Sonic won't allow himself to break up with Amy, and it doesn't matter if Amy breaks up with Sonic, because Sonic won't leave her alone by herself...
...Amy will never be happy, and because of this? Everyone who loves her is cursed to suffer the same fate...
...So she has it in her head that if she cheats on him, that he will leave her alone for good..
...The reason why she's willing to hurt Sonic and push everyone away in order to be all alone is, so that she can finally commit suicide...

(Vectors eyes widen as he is in shock.)

Page 36

Shadow: ..She hasn't gotten around to telling Sonic that she's been cheating.. My guess is that she thinks that it would break him, and it probably would... Imagine finding out that the one you love isn't an innocent little rose, but something else entirely..
..He intended to marry her in hopes to fix the wreckage, he even bought her a ring.. The thing is, she can't be fixed.. And some ring isn't going to change that.. You can't fix a succubus.. She has no soul to restore..

Vector: ...Why are you so calm about this?.. You gotta stop her man!.. I can't let her do this!..

Shadow: ....You don't get it, your feelings are compromised... There is no stopping what she is.. That is why Sonic can't leave her.. That is also why Knuckles can't stop following her like a helpless puppy..
...That is why every single one of you care about her, so deeply.. That is the curse.. To love what can't be loved, it will only result in pure suffering..
..And why am i so calm about this? ..Because I've forced myself to sever those feelings, before it was too late... It would have been the end to me, you understand?.. I created the immunity! She's aware of this, she despises me for knowing who she truly is...
...I moved on, and you should too... Leave her to parish..
You should listen to me... Hopefully it's not too late for you, like it is for Sonic and Knuckles..

Vector: ...

Vector: ...I think you just want her for yourself!!

Shadow: ... ''Sigh...''

Shadow: ...Did you not hear a fucking word that i just said!?..
..I've already had some of that and believe me, i regret it!..

Vector: ...Fuck you Shadow!

Shadow: ...You know what!? ..Amy fucked me real good, so fuck you Vector!

Vector (with an angry facial expression): ...You asshole!.
...I'm leaving..

Shadow: ...By all means! But if you leave now, i won't tell you about why she wants to die...

Vector: ...
....God damn you Shadow...

(Shadow grins.)


(Sonic is rushing towards Grave Town.)

Sonic (thinking): ...I want to believe that Shadow and Knuckles took Tails to the Branch Cranch in Grave Town..
..But since those kids weren't there at the cave, I'm convinced that Shadow did something.. And i hope that he didn't do something that the old Shadow would do...
...If they aren't there, then I don't want to waste too much time in Grave Town searching for them... I better do this quick and get back..


(Vector is in complete shock.)

Shadow: ...So now you know..
..That's exactly why I'm going to kill him!

Vector (with a depressed facial expression): ...I understand now...

(Vector begins to walk away.)

Vector: ..Oh and Shadow...

Shadow: ...What?

Vector: ...Sonic has your gun..

Page 37

Shadow: ...Damn it... That Pink moron! I told him to give it directly to me..
...If Sonic finds out about me killing those stupid fucking trolls? ..Then he will never give me my gun back...
...Tails is going to bitch out and tell Sonic, i already know that... Hmm... I have to convince him not to, and i know just how to do that..

Tails: ...Knuckles?..

Knuckles: ..Yeah buddy, what is it?

Tails: ...Do you believe that they deserved to die?...

Knuckles: ...

Knuckles: ..Honestly?

Shadow: ...Knuckles, light up a joint.. I need to get high...

Ant Lion: ...What!? Shit! You guys smoke the chronic stuff? I always wanted to try it!

Knuckles: ..Oh Shadow, i thought you would never ask!

(Knuckles lights up a joint.)

Shadow: ...Give it to Tails..

(Knuckles attempts to hand the joint to Tails.)

Knuckles: Here buddy, try some! It calms your nerves and makes you happy..

Tails: ...
...I don't want to... Smoking is bad for you...

Knuckles: ..Nah man, this is weed! It's not the same thing.. It won't hurt you man!

Shadow: ...Smoke it, stop wasting time..

Tails (with a worried facial expressed): ....

Shadow: ...I took care of your problem, the least you can do is smoke a harmless joint.. It's going to make you feel better.. So take it, and smoke it..

Tails: ...Okay...

(Tails takes a hit of the joint)

Tails: ''Cough... Cough... Cough...''

(Tails begins to cough out smoke.)

Knuckles: ...Hahaha.. That's hardcore, Tails!..

Ant Lion: ...Come on, my turn!

Shadow: ...So Tails, how do you feel now? Tell me..

Tails: ...I feel weird..

Ant Lion: ..Damn... He's so high, and i have to wait... Fuck this shit man!

(Shadow quickly approaches Tails)

(Shadow grabs Tails by the fur on his chest.)

Tails: ....

(Shadow lifts Tails up against a tree.)

(Shadow glares at Tails)

Page 38

(Tails is in shock)

Knuckles (with a confused and worried facial expression): ..Woah! What the fuck are you doing Shadow!?..

Shadow: ...If you tell Sonic about what happened here!? Then we'll have to take a walk back to this location, so you can dig your own hole!

(Knuckles rushes over to Shadow and Tails.)

(Knuckles grabs Shadow's arm)

Knuckles: ...Let him go! I understand what you did to the trolls but you can't do this to Tails man!..

Shadow: ...Don't fucking touch me! This little rat has to learn to grow up and keep his fucking mouth shut!

Knuckles: ...I'm sorry Shadow, but i can't let you do this..

(Knuckles holds his arm back and makes a fist.)


(Knuckles punches Shadow in the stomach.)

(Shadow is winded and drops Tails)

Shadow: ....

(Shadow falls to his knees and spits out blood.)

Shadow: ...What the hell Knuckles!? Why did you hit me!?..

Knuckles: ..Come on, you know why... You just threatened to kill Tails if he rats us out.. You can't do shit like that man..

Tails (with a frightened facial expression): ....

Shadow: ....You're right.. I don't know what i was doing...
..Tails, ..Forgive me... It's just been a stressful day, are you ok?..

Tails: ...Yeah I'm fine, it didn't hurt..

(Shadow stands up but he's still holding his stomach.)

Shadow: ...Good, i wasn't trying to hurt you man..
..Come on guys, let's finish this.. I don't want to stay out here longer than we need to be..

(Shadow walks over and grabs a shovel.)

Knuckles: ..We cool man?

Shadow: ...No, we're good.. I fucked up..

Knuckles: ...High shovel?

Shadow (with a smile): ...High shovel..


(Knuckles and Shadow clash shovel ends.)

Page 39

Shadow (to Tails): ...Pass me that joint..

Knuckles: ..Hahaha, he's hogging the shit now...

(Shadow smokes the joint.)

Ant Lion: ...HIT ME!! HIT ME!!

Knuckles: ..Oh i forgot you were there..

(Knuckles smokes the joint.)

(Knuckles blows smoke in Ant Lion's face.)

Ant Lion: ...Ohhhh yeah... That's the mother fucking stuff right there...

Shadow: ...Alright, let's get to work!..


(Sonic makes it to Grave Town.)

Sonic (thinking): ...Knuckles is here, so the only place that i have left to check is the Branch Cranch...
..They should know better, we all agreed not to risk going into town unless we're running low on supplies...

(Sonic makes it to the Branch Cranch.)

(Sonic looks around.)

Sonic (thinking, with a disappointed facial expression): ....They're not here...
...I need to sit down....

(Sonic sits down on a stall.)

Rudy: ...What can i get you Sonic? It's been awhile. How's life in the country?

Sonic: ...Hi Rudy.. It's not going too well actually... I'm looking for Tails, have you seen him by any chance?..

Rudy: ...I'm afraid not sweetie.. I'll keep an eye out for him though...

Sonic (with a depressed and worried facial expression): ...Thank you..
..I'll have two chili dogs and a Capt. Hook's rum please..

Rudy: ..Coming right up hun, you hitting the drinks tonight huh? That bad i see..

Sonic (as he looks down in shame): ...

Rudy: ..It's on the house!..

Sonic: ..What? No i can't accept that..

Rudy: ..Don't mention it! Your food will be done shortly!

Sonic: ...Thank you Rudy..

Sally: ...Sonic!?.. I can't believe it's you...


Knuckles: ...Almost done.. Man, that took awhile digging the hole for the fat guy...

Shadow (thinking to himself with a concerned facial expression): ..Hmm...

Knuckles: ...By the way Shadow, i'm getting a strange feeling... It's almost like..

Shadow: ..Yes, I'm fully aware..
...We're being watched..

Page 40

Ant Lion: ...I think ya'll niggas just paranoid... Quit playin, quit playin...

Knuckles (whispering): ..Who do you think it is Shadow? I don't think it is anyone that we know... I'm pretty sure that if it were Sonic or Vector again, they would have already approached us..

Shadow (whispering): ..You're right, it's definitely not a friend.. Hmm..
..Let's act like we haven't noticed anything.. I don't really care to start anything at this time.. Hopefully this stranger isn't a problem..

Knuckles (whispering): ...Though.. This stranger will probably be one, considering the circumstances that we're in..

Shadow (whispering): ..Yeah, be on your guard.. If anything happens, i still have my knife..

(Knuckles begins to show signs of panic, as he begins to sweat.)

Knuckles (thinking): ...Oh man..

(Shadow notices Knuckles' behavior.)

Shadow (thinking): ...Hmm...

Shadow (whispering): ..I'll come up with a plan.. But let's just hurry this up...


Sally: ...Hahahaha!..

Sonic: ..Haha.. I know right? And when we pulled him out of the sinkhole, he had the groundhog attached to his face... Espio sure likes to get himself into stupid situations..

Sally: ...Wow.. That's crazy..

(There's a person wearing a robe in the distance, watching Sonic and Sally.)

(Reveals the person in the robe to be Nack the Weasel, as he has a grin on his face.)

Nack: Oh... I think i found myself a prize!.. Eggman is going to love this.. Hahaha...

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