June 27, 2020: Cover and Pages 1-4 of Chapter 2 added in Brazilian Portuguese.

June 9, 2020: Page 10 of Chapter 23 added.

May 26, 2020: Page 9 of Chapter 23 added. Additionally, the script of TGT's first chapter has been translated into Russian, and the translators are looking for someone to insert the text into the comic. Please inquire on the Discord if you're interested in helping them out. Thanks!

May 16, 2020: Page 8 of Chapter 23 added.

May 9, 2020: Page 7 of Chapter 23 added. In other news, Lazerbot and his brother have set up their new studio, Zaygar's Lab. If you enjoy Tails Gets Trolled and would like to see it continued, please consider donating to their Patreon or PayPal to show your support. They've also set up new social media pages, which I've linked to below, so keep an eye on those for further updates from them.

April 21, 2020: Page 6 of Chapter 23 added.

April 20, 2020: Hey, does Tails smoke WEED🍀? Also, Chapter 1 is now translated into Brazilian Portuguese. If you're interested in helping to translate TGT into other languages, contact me via my email or Twitter, or find me in the Discord.

April 19, 2020: The ZIP archive has been updated.

April 17, 2020: The rest of the site is now converted to the new color scheme/mobile optimization. Let me know if you find any issues. Page 6 coming soon.

March 29, 2020: Page 5 of Chapter 23 added.

March 16, 2020: I'm currently in the process of making minor changes to the site and optimizing it for mobile devices. So far I've only done this for the front page (this one) and Chapter 23, but the rest of the site will follow suit. Page 5 is still being worked on and should be done before the end of the month.

February 20, 2020: Page 4 of Chapter 23 added.

February 2, 2020: Page 3 of Chapter 23 added.