Note: Lazerbot released this script of the conclusion to Coyote and Demaro's fight on his DeviantArt (Source). He also stated that "That isn't the only thing that's going to happen during that fight lol. Fudd gets a scene, Blaze gets a Scene, Troll Face gets a scene, Rob continues his fight and so on." It's assumed that those scenes, as well this script, would have made up what would come after Chapter 22.

(Coyote opens his eyes to see that he's in a strange realm.)

....Where am i?.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...That eye must have sent me to this strange place.. I need to observe my surroundings, i also need to get my emotions under control... That was quite the scare.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...I don't know why, but I'm getting a dreadful vibe and my hands are shaking... Calm down Coyote, focus! ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Coyote's eyes widen as he notices Miladox in the distance.)

....What is that creature!?.. It must be that third eye's true form!.. So it decided to confront me in person huh?.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Miladox dashes towards Coyote. Right as it is about to reach Coyote, he fires off a ball of spirit stings towards Miladox. The ball of spirit strings clash with Miladox's face as the spirit strings wrap around it, Miladox halts its movement.)

..It stopped! I want to assume that due to the size of its eye and that it has halted, that vision is its only means of sensing its prey... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Miladox uses its claws to rip Coyote's spirit strings off of its face. Miladox then holds its self in place and stares Coyote down.)

...It's not moving.. I feel as if it is observing my behavior... If this is true, then it has discovered that i am a counter attacker and is searching for a different approach... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...If my assumptions are accurate, then this creature is quite intelligent.. And during my fight with Demaro, this creature shown signs of intelligence indeed, so it isn't too far of a stretch to believe this.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...It also overpowered my spirit strings, just like before whenever i was fighting Demaro... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...It seems that i am being forced to battle it in its own territory, I have to be on guard at all times from this point on!.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Miladox dashes twice as fast towards Coyote. Coyote then pulls four Poppy Bros. Jr. from his book. Coyote then raises a shield)

...What the eff man... Where the doggy guy at? ''Poppy Bros. Jr. 1''

(Miladox slashes Poppy Bros. Jr. 1 in half and quickly absorbs his soul, gaining a small piece of flesh to its body.)

...Attack that creature! ''Coyote''

...HOLY SHIT!.. ''Poppy Bros. Jr. 2''

(The three remaining Poppy Bros. Jr. begin throwing bombs at Miladox. The bombs explode as they hit Miladox, the souls of Poppy Bros. Jr. 1 and Garry fly out of Miladox)

...What are those figures that flew out of that creature?.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...What, in the FUCK!! Just happened!?... Where is Demaro!?.. ''Garry''

(Poppy Bros. Jr. 1 floats down to his body.)

...No... Not my sexy ass body!!.. What am i!?... Why can i fly!?.. ''Poppy Bros. Jr. 1''

...I don't believe my eyes... Are those souls?.. ''Coyote thinks to himself in shock''

(The three remaining Poppy Bros. Jr. continue to throw bombs at Miladox)

...Wait a fucking minute.. I was cut in half by that dickheaded bug!... Why am i still here!?... ''Garry''

...Earlier, after it killed one of my pawns.. It pulled in what i believe to be his soul, and it grew what looks to be like some kind of flesh on its body.. This creature resembles an Arthropod of some kind.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...Is it possible that this creature somehow uses these souls as a source of power?.. If this is the case, then i shouldn't be using live pawns to fight for me... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Miladox slashes the remaining Poppy Bros. Jr. into pieces, and then absorbs their souls. Miladox then glares at Coyote)

...That didn't hold it back for long... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Coyote lifts his arms, spirit strings then seep out from the corpses of the Poppy Bros. Jr. and begin to tightly wrap around Miladox's body and face. Coyote then waves his arms down, Miladox is then slammed into the ground.)

...It's difficult to hold him down... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

I'm also running low on corpses... I have a few that i could use, but some of them are in pieces.. I guess now is a good time to stitch them back together... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Coyote pulls the body of Garry out of his book and stitches him together.)

...Wait, that's my fucking body!.. ''Garry''

(Garry flies over to Coyote)

...Why the fuck do you have my body!?.. You creepy faggot!... ''Garry

... ''Coyote says in shock''

...You are the soul that belongs to this corpse?.. ''Coyote''

..No, i just look exactly fucking like him... Dumbass.. ''Garry''

...This might come to my advantage.. Eating this corpse's brains to gain memories is a massive shock to my system, and in a place like this and with my nerves already on the border... I can't risk feeling any more than i already am.. This soul could teach me how to use his corpse.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...I'm struggling to hold this creature any longer.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...You, soul... I can control corpses to fight for me... I need you to explain to me about how you fight, do you have any special abilities or skills? ''Coyote''

(Miladox breaks hold of Coyote's strings.)

...Oh shit! That thing is free!.. Fucking save us man!!... ''Garry''

..I'm not going back in there!.. ''Garry''

...Then answer my question!.. ''Coyote''

...What the fuck are you talking about!?.. ''Garry''

... ''Coyote''

(Miladox dashes towards Coyote. Coyote then fires a ball of spirit strings, Miladox then slashes through Coyote's spirit ball and continues to approach Coyote)

... ''Coyote says as his eyes widen''

(Miladox holds back its arm, preparing to slash. Coyote ducks in attempt to dodge. Miladox slashes through Coyote's shield and severs both of Coyote's ears.)

...My ears!.. Ahhhg... ''Coyote''

(Coyote fires spirit strings that binds Miladox's arms together. Spirit strings fire from the corpse of Garry. They begin to wrap around Miladox's body, Garry then flings Miladox away from Coyote. Miladox is slung a long distance before clashing with the ground.)

...This corpse is physically powerful.. This might work.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Coyote sews his ears back on while Miladox recovers.)

...You! Explain to me, how do you use your body!?.. Quickly!.. ''Coyote''

...MAGMA GARRY!! MAGMA GARRY!!.. ''Garry''

...What!?.. ''Coyote''

(Miladox dashes towards Coyote. Coyote then fires off strings in the distance and pulls himself away. Miladox slashes Coyote in the back and is disconnected from his strings, crashing to the ground.)

...No! Get the fuck up faggot!.. ''Garry''

(Coyote opens his eyes to see Miladox holding its claw back, as it is about to strike. Coyote's eyes widen, he then pulls himself into his book. Miladox halts its attack.)

..Where did he go!?.. Oh no... He left me here!! FUCK YOU!!.. ''Garry''

(Coyote is inside of the golden realm of his book. He then stitches up his back.)

...If i hadn't escaped by entering my book, i would be dead now... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...If i lose control over my emotions, i risk losing my Neutral abilities.. In here, that would be a death sentence... ''Coyote thinks to himself''

...Though i have never been this frightened in a fight, i believe that i may have just discovered a new approach!.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Miladox is observing Coyote's book. Strings then latch to nearby ground from the book. The book then launches its self towards Garry's soul.)

... ''Garry says in confusion''

(The book passes through Garry, capturing him within it. Strings come out of the book and attach to the ground, holding it in mid air. The strings then pull Garry's corpse in the book. Miladox is still trying to decipher the turn of events.)

(Garry's floats down to Coyote)

...Where are we?.. ''Garry''

...We are in a realm that exist within my book.. If that creature destroys the book, i am not confident that i would be able to re-create the bridge between the outside realm, and from this realm.. I was not responsible for the creation of this book... ''Coyote''

...Though i am assuming that my last move confused that creature.. So just like it observed me before, it should be observing the situation now.. Which gives me some time to think.. ''Coyote''

...If that fucking thing destroys your shitty book, I'll be trapped in here with you!?.. ''Garry''

..Would you rather be out there with that creature?.. ''Coyote''

...I want to stay in the book now... ''Garry''

..Listen, we don't have a whole lot of time to plan our next attack.. Explain to me again, what is this Magma Garry?.. ''Coyote''

(Coyote pulls a Goomba out of his book. Miladox observes.)

...Oh hell no... ''Goomba''

(Miladox slashes the goomba in half and absorbs his soul. Garry's corpse then comes out of the book. While in mid air, Garry's corpse pulls pillars towards himself. The pillars then collide with Garry's corpse, forming Magma Garry. He then smashes into the ground as steam pores from his mouth)

..We have an advantage now.. You've already been killed, so every time that your body is damaged by this creature, i will just repair it with my spirit strings.. ''Coyote''

...That's fucking morbid as fuck... ''Garry''

...Let's continue.. Explain more about your abilities.. ''Coyote''

(Miladox dashes towards Magma Garry. Magma Garry then spews steam from his mouth, vanishing. Miladox halts to observe. A ball of springs hits Miladox in the eye, and wraps around its face. Coyote then uses the strings to slam Miladox into the ground. Strings then begin to lift Magma Garry up off the ground, he then hovers over Miladox. Magma Garry begins spewing magma over the body of Miladox. Coyote from within the book, uses the combined forces of his spirit strings and Garry's earth bending, to compress Miladox into a marble sized ball. All of the souls that Miladox has consumed, float out of its body.)

...I believe that we have just defeated that creature... ''Coyote''

...Are you serious!?.. How!?.. ''Garry''

....Oh my God!... ''Goomba''

...I never want to go back in there... ''Poppy Bros. Jr 2''

..That was very strange.. I don't know if i like being apart of some creature's flesh!.. ''Poppy Bros. Jr 1''

...You don't even want to know what part of the creature that i was... ''Poppy Bros. Jr 4''

...That's rough buddy.. ''Poppy Bros. Jr 3''

...Was it his dick?.. ''Goomba''

...I don't want to talk about it... ''Poppy Bros. Jr 4''

...It was its dick doe right?... ''Goomba''

(Miladox begins to reform its body, as it expands back into shape.)

... ''Coyote''

...What!?.. What is it!?.. ''Garry''

..That creature is reforming... This isn't over yet... ''Coyote''

...Damn.. I JUST WANT THIS TO BE OVER!!... ''Garry''

..So does everyone else, but it takes time.. ''Coyote''

(Coyote begins to fire strings into the ground in the distance, the strings begin to twist together.)

..The ability that I'm about to do, takes time to form as well.. And with it, I've certainly won this battle.. ''Coyote''

...You're one cocky asshole.. ''Garry''

(Miladox turns towards Magma Garry. It then dashes towards him, slashing Magma Garry in half. Strings spew from the corpse of Garry and they begin stitching him back together. Miladox then glares towards the book.)

...I believe that it's lost interest in my corpse.. It seems to be observing my book.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Miladox dashes towards book.)

...I have to prevent it from damaging the book!.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Magma Garry fires magma covered strings towards Miladox. The stings wrap around the tail end of Miladox, halting its movement. Miladox begins to drag Magma Garry's body as Miladox slowly gets closer to the book.)

... ''Coyote''

(Magma Garry uses an earth ability to secure his foot hold. Miladox's movement is halted once again.)

...This won't hold that creature back for long.. My special ability is complete, but i need to escape this book or i might be trapped in here forever.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Dusk Hunter appears from thin air, as gold aura surrounds it. The gold aura then vanishes.)

...Wait... Isn't that the stupid pig shit creature that Demaro was using!?.. How did you get your furry hands on it?.. ''Garry''

...I just, took it... ''Coyote''

...Oh.. ''Garry''

(Coyote runs to Dust Hunter and is then swallowed by it. Miladox breaks free of the hold, pulling Magma Garry's arms off in the process. Miladox continues to dash towards the book. Dusk Hunter then launches Coyote far up in the air.)

...I'm not going to make it in time!.. ''Coyote thinks to himself''

(Miladox then enters the book. Coyote and Miladox pass by each other, as Coyote is a mere few feet away from Miladox's eye, it glares at him.)

... ''Coyote''

(Coyote leaves the book, Miladox following close behind. Coyote and Miladox continue to fly high up in the air. Coyote then looks down at Miladox)

...Game over... It was a good fight though, i must admit.. ''Coyote''

(Coyote fires massive spirit chains towards Miladox. The spirit chains then wrap around the entirety of Miladox's body, leaving its eye exposed. Coyote and Miladox then fall to the ground, Coyote breaking his fall with strings. Coyote then walks over to Miladox in a calm manner.)

...So let me explain how i won, not that you can understand me.. ''Coyote''

..First off, your greatest trait was also your weakness.. Your nature to observe your opponent is a very wise method, but i took full advantage of the time that you've spent by doing so, in order to compose counter moves.. These chains are proof of this, i needed time to compact them.. ''Coyote''

..You could have defeated me.. You had the opportunity to destroy the book, leaving me trapped in there until i died of thirst.. But as intelligent as you are, you're still a simple minded creature.. ''Coyote''

..I realize now that you only kill, because you thirst for our souls.. Even if you were capable of coming to the conclusion that if you were to destroy my book so that i would have been trapped in there forever? You wouldn't have been able to devour my tasty soul, huh?.. ''Coyote''

(Coyote pulls Garry's corpse and disconnected arms into the book.)

..You won't be able to escape these chains.. I've studied just how many spirit stings that i needed to hold you down for good.. And i left your eye free because I'm confident that you have no way to use it as a weapon, or you would have done so by now.. ''Coyote''

...You, are a Guardian.. I discovered this whenever you formed back after i destroyed your body.. From my knowledge, all Guardians can't be killed because they aren't actually alive.. They are formed from some kind of divine magic.. You are deemed ''Guardian'' correct? So what exactly were you meant to protect? Hmm... ''Coyote''

..Still, i was missing the final pieces.. Until of course, you've entered the realm that exist within my book.. You've shown me that just like my book, and how you entered it? That i can do that same to escape your realm.. ''Coyote''

..The realm's gate is an illusion.. You can always enter or exit through it, as long as their isn't a lock to it.. The book that the Tribe's Cheif parted with, is special.. The gate exist high up, so if you can not fly? Then you can't escape.. Whenever my book is closed, it seals the gate as well.. That is, if you even know about the gate to begin with.. ''Coyote''

...So Mr Arthropod.. Where is the gate to your realm?.. ''Coyote''

(Coyote discovers the gate to the realm in the distance.)

..As long as I'm aware of the gate, i am able to see it.. ''Coyote''

(Coyote connects strings to the chains that are wrapped around Miladox. Coyote then begins to run towards the gate, dragging Miladox with him. Coyote then exits the gate and appears on the outside world. Coyote proceeds to pull Miladox out of Demaro's third eye hole, and into his book. Demaro then collapses, while in a daze.)

..... ''Demaro''

(Coyote while in a serious manner, stares at Demaro. Demaro's eyes widen. Demaro then struggles to summon Addy Demon and Kelic from a portal. Due to Demaro being exhausted, Kelic falls and collides with the ground. Addy Demon turns around and glares at Demaro.)

...Don't look at me!.. Kill him!!.. ''Demaro says in a panic''

(Coyote then pulls Addy Demon and Kelic into his book, his facial expression unfazed. Demaro is in complete fear.)

... ''Demaro''

(Coyote then pulls Demaro into his book and closes it. Road Runner returns to Coyote's side.)

...Time to go.. ''Coyote''
..Meep! Meep!.. ''Road Runner''